Common Space & Systems Utilization


Parking Spaces: Parking spaces in the basement level garage are privately owned and, as such, are the responsibility of the owner. 

  • They may be owned only by the owner of a commercial or residential ISL unit, and may only be used by the owner or authorized tenant of ISL. 
  • Parking in an owners space without the owner's authorization will potentially subject the vehicle to towing and the vehicle owner subject to fines.
  • Transfer of ownership by or among ISL owners shall be accomplished by deed or by other form or real property conveyance instrument. Immediately notify management of any such change.
  • The ISL owner or tenant is solely responsible for his/her vehicle, its contents and condition. ISL is not responsible for any damage, theft, loss or any other matter relating to vehicles parked by the owner, their tenant-lessees, or their guests and visitors.

Garage space not privately owned is ISL communal property

  • Do not park in any way that blocks normal traffic circulation. It is also important to park your vehicle accurately within your owned/leased space to allow other occupants accessibility to their spaces. Owners have the right to have offending vehicles or items removed at the full expense and risk of the violating party.
  • No trailer, truck camper, boat or boat trailer, or other recreational vehicle shall be parked on any portion of the premises unless approved by Management.
  • Repairs of any kind shall not be performed on any vehicle while parked on the premises, nor shall a vehicle which is in extreme state of disrepair remain parked upon the premises for a period in excess of 48 hours.
  • Storage of personal belongings, oil, gasoline or other flammable products in the basement garage is not allowed for reasons of sanitation and fire safety. Owners/residents shall be responsible to maintain their spaces and immediate adjacent areas clean. Spilled oil or other liquids, other than water, shall be cleaned immediately.
  • Car washing is prohibited in the garage.
  • Maintain the established clockwise circulation pattern defined by the arrows, and please drive with care at a safe and reasonable speed.

Main Lobby

Impression: As the primary entrance to our building, the look, quality, and cleanliness of this area conveys the first impression to our guests, clients, and ourselves. Exercise reasonable care to keep it clean; dispose of trash in the available receptacle.

Deliveries: The delivery or removal of furniture and other large objects through the main lobby is prohibited without specific management approval. Similarly, contractors working for unit owners or tenants shall not bring or remove construction equipment, tools, supplies, building materials, dirty objects, or disposable materials through the front entrance/lobby/passenger elevator. The loading dock and freight elevator are to be used for this activity.

Solicitation: Not permitted.

Bulletin Board: ISL’s bulletin board in the main lobby is the common property of ISL’s owners and residents, providing a central location for notices associated with our residents, our building, and our neighborhood. To keep the bulletin board current and uncluttered, we request users to comply with the following rules:

  • All postings must clearly display the sponsoring owner’s or resident’s name, unit number, and posting date.
  • Postings lacking this information will be removed.
  • Postings shall be removed after one month from the posting date. If an owner or resident wants to post for a longer period of time, they may update the posting date as necessary.
  • Residents or owners may post items for outside businesses or events, but outside individuals or businesses may not post without an owner or resident sponsor.
  • Respect other users and do not remove current, properly posted notices.


Impression: Residents are asked to help keep hall areas around their units clean and presentable. See Appendix F for requirements relating to contractors and their construction activities.

Finish: Wall, floor, and door finishes are to be consistent throughout the building. Owners and tenants shall not modify these finishes.  

Signs, Posters, Art [BY Article 7.5 (h)]

  • Business identification signs may be placed on the doors or adjacent walls of Loft Units subject to Board approval. Scale drawings with dimensions will be required for Board consideration. Signs shall be no larger than 3’ wide by 4’ high, and extending off the wall no more than 1 inch.
  • Posters, bulletins, advertisements, art, etc. are not permitted.

Storage: To insure ease of evacuation in an emergency, codes require that halls must be kept clear and all times. Halls shall not be used for any form of storage.


Restricted Use: The stairwells are, by code, to be used only for personal comings and goings and, in the event of a fire alarm, emergency egress. DO NOT USE for projects or storage.

Keep Doors Closed: The doors to the stairwells are fire doors and are not to be propped open or prevented from closing. 

Passenger Elevator

Impression: Residents are asked to exercise reasonable care to keep the cab clean and free from damage.

Passenger Use Only: Do not monopolize and not to use to carry construction materials, major furniture, and other large and/or dirty objects/materials.  See Construction in Units for requirements relating to contractors and their construction activities.

Key-Fob: The elevator is equipped with a key fob reader. The fob is required to access the garage level at all times and to limit access to all floors between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. (NOTE: In some instances, these limitations may appear to not work if someone happens to be in the elevator when someone else happens to “call the elevator to their location—anyone in the elevator then simply goes along for the ride.)

Safety: The passenger elevator will not operate normally in the event of a fire alarm until such time it is reset by authorized personnel. 

Freight Elevator

ISL's freight elevator is a classic warehouse freight elevator that was believed to have been installed when the building was built in the mid 1920's.

Proper Use: The elevator is a high-maintenance item and its continued usability is critical to the building. Adherence to ISL’s freight elevator operating rules is required and will be enforced. 

Intended Use: It is to be used only for furniture and freight hauling; it is not to be used for routine passenger service (State Code). 

Adult Operators Only: It is not to be operated by anyone under the age of 18. 

Fire Evacuation: DO NOT USE this elevator in the event of a fire alarm.

Non Owner Use: Any tenant, contractor, delivery agent, or non-resident operating the freight elevator at the behest of an owner or owner’s tenant, and not in compliance with ISL rules, will subject the owner to the fine schedule without benefit of the initial warning. Additionally, the cost of any service call and associated repairs resulting from unauthorized use will be billed to the owner. 

Roof Deck

The roof deck is common property for all residents to enjoy. (Image 1 and Image 2) It provides residents a place to have gatherings for friends and family. Since the deck is a common area space, all events must be consistent with the common use guidelines in addition to the specific deck guidelines.

Our deck is not a commercial space to be reserved or used for large groups. The deck is for the sole use of residents and friends of residents only. Gatherings of more than twelve people by a single resident are not allowed. This ensures that all residents can enjoy the deck. If your group is larger than twelve people, please make other arrangements.

For the comfort and convenience of all residents, the HOA Board issued rules for roof deck usage. Violations will result in established fines.

NOTE: DO NOT WALK ON THE ROOF SURFACE. Signs to that effect are posted on all gates. 

It is also important to note that the ISL resident hosting a roof deck visit is responsible for the actions of their guests and will be held accountable for their actions.

Community Room

ISL’s board meeting room is located on the second floor, #208. The room is presently used for ISL annual and board meetings. At present, it is not open for general resident use. Requests for reserved use will be considered by on-site management on a case-by-case for a fee in an "as-is" basis. (Approved users will be subject to cleanup costs if the room is not returned to “as was” condition.)