Rule Enforcement

Information on this site does not replace the DECLARATION SUBMITTING IRVING STREET LOFTS TO CONDOMINIUM OWNERSHIP or the BYLAWS OF THE ASSOCIATION OF UNIT OWNERS OF IRVING STREET LOFTS, A CONDOMINIUM. In the event an adopted rule is at variance with the Declaration or Bylaws, the Declaration or Bylaw prevails.

Owners should familiarize themselves with ISL’s Declaration and Bylaws and be cognizant of the range of content of these documents. These are, in effect, the laws which owners agreed to abide when they purchased their property here. 


 “…the board of directors from time to time may adopt, modify, or revoke such rules and regulations governing the conduct of persons and the operation and use of the units and common elements as it may deem necessary or appropriate in order to assure the peaceful and orderly use and enjoyment of the condominium property.” 


Adopted rules and regulations “…shall be binding upon all unit owners and occupants of all units…” Each owner is responsible for the repair, maintenance, or replacement of any common element damaged by a member of the owner’s family, household pet, guest, employee, invitee, tenant or other authorized occupant or visitor. The owner is also responsible for violations of ISL’s Declaration, Bylaws, or adopted Rules & Regulations by these individuals, including any potential fines.

Complaints, Reporting Violations, & Enforcement Process

These Rules and Guidelines are meant to maintain Irving Street Lofts as a quality residential environment. In the case of intra-resident complaints, it is always best to attempt to resolve problems and complaints as directly and as amicably as possible. If not possible, or if such initiatives prove unsuccessful, however, notify management of the incident, providing details: Your Name, Date or Dates, Time, Location, Description of the Event. While verbal reporting is acceptable, a timely written complaint is recommended to insure accuracy. The procedure for the processing of complaints is outlined in the document "Complaints and Reporting Violations".