A.  Reporting Concerns & Complaints [BY Article 7.6]:  These Rules and Guidelines are meant to maintain Irving Street Lofts as a quality residential environment. In the case of intra-resident complaints, it is always best to attempt to resolve problems and complaints as directly and as amicably as possible. If not possible, or if such initiatives prove unsuccessful, however, the following guidelines should be followed: 

1.      Complaint: Complaints may be registered by unit owners concerning any violation by notifying Management by phone or in writing, specifically identifying the possible infraction.  Unless an emergency situation, submitting the complaint in writing is encouraged. Concern forms are available on each floor.

2.      Investigation: Management will investigate the concern and determine if a violation exists. 

3.      Management Action: Within limits of authority and, to the extent possible, Management will act immediately to attempt to correct the reported situation, issuing warnings and/or fines as specified.

4.      Rebuttal: The individual who is the subject of the complaint will have the opportunity to present his/her explanation to Management. The alleged violator also has the right to express grievances in writing to the Board.

5.      Board Review: Management will submit unresolved complaints to the Board. The Board will evaluate the complaint and make a decision. If the Board concludes that a violation has occurred and intends to take enforcement action against the owner responsible for the individual incurring the violation, that owner will be notified in writing. The owner will be given an opportunity to respond. If necessary, owner or the Board may, at its discretion, institute mediation proceedings to resolve the dispute. Mediation costs will be the responsibility of the losing party.

6.      Enforcement: If there is a determination that a violation has occurred and enforcement action is warranted, the Board will direct that Management to take all action necessary to enforce ISL’s Declaration, Bylaws, and these adopted rules, including without limitation, a written warning, the imposition of fines, the placing of a lien on the owner’s unit and commencing collection proceedings and instituting legal action for injunctive relief. All associated violation documentation will be placed in ISL’s files.

B.     Fines & Fees [BY Article 7.6 (c)]: Unless specifically addressed elsewhere in this document, the enforcement process of a determined violation shall be is follows:

1.      1st Violation:  A first violation will result in a written warning.

2.      2nd Violation:  A fifty dollar ($50) fine will be levied for a second violation (if the original violation reoccurs, is not stopped or is not removed).

3.      3rd Violation:  A one hundred dollar ($100) fine will be levied for a third violation.

4.      4th & Subsequent Violations:  A two hundred dollar ($200) fine will be levied for a fourth and all subsequent violations.

Unpaid fines will bear interest at a rate of 1% per month (BY Article 5.6)