Moving In/Out


As a potential new owner/resident it critical that you become familiar with Irving Street Lofts' Bylaws and the restrictions that they impose. Reference Potential new owners/tenants "need-to-know" information. Key among the bylaw restrictions are pet size, utilization of private units, and leasing restrictions.

Pre-Move-In Preparations

As soon as possible, contact on-site management (contact information in heading), or ISL’s property management company, CA Partners at 503-546-3400, or visit them by appointment only. You will be asked to:

fill out an "Owner/Tenant Information Request" form.

  • provide your move-in schedule, providing a specific move-in date and time (preferred, or tentative if not yet known).
  • schedule a required pre-move-in orientation tour of the building.
  • pay the current move-in fee of $200.
  • confirm that you are aware of ISL's bylaws and Association rules.

Orientation Tour

This orientation must be completed and documented prior to your move in. Owners failing to complete this orientation prior to moving in may be assessed an additional fee.

Schedule this orientation tour with the on-site management. ALL those planning to reside in the unit are encouraged to attend. This orientation will require approximately one hour and will include:

  • A tour the building.
  • An explanation of building systems and their functions.
  • Demonstrations and instruction on the use of systems that all residents ultimately will routinely operate; e.g., freight elevator, trash compactor, and building access systems.
  • A review and explanation of key elements of the Association's rules and bylaws.
  • An offer (your option) to explain the operation of utilities and appliances (if they are the originals) in your unit.


If you are planning to remodel your unit prior to your move in (as well as after), it is important that you review and understand ISL's bylaws and rules governing construction in your unit. On-site management is a good resource to help you and any potential contractors negotiate this process.

Schedule Move

Reserve the freight elevator at least 3 working days in advance with ISL's on-site management. Elevator reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

  • The freight elevator can be used for move-ins only during the hours of 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM. 
  • NOTE: Reserving the elevator does not imply 100% exclusive use. As our only elevator for items of significant size, existing residents may request an opportunity to fit in a short, single use operation to meet their immediate needs (i.e., furniture deliveries, large purchases, or their contractors if they are doing work in the building). Cooperation will always be encouraged.
  • A How to Operate ISL's Freight Elevator document will be provided.
  • Can't meet your scheduled freight elevator time? Please notify ISL on-site management and schedule a new time as soon as you can. Doing so makes the unmet time available to others. 

Actual Move

Time frame: Use of the loading dock, freight elevator, and common hall spaces for move-in activities shall not occur between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

Main lobby and passenger elevator may not be used for moving without specific management approval. 

Access: The freight elevator is accessible from the loading dock on the east side of the building on 13th (also known as the compactor room) and from the garage level for passenger vehicles. The loading dock overhead door "open/close" control is both inside in the compactor room area and just outside the overhead door. A access control system fob is required to open the door and a standard push button for closure. 

Maintain loading dock access: Do not leave cars or trucks parked in the loading dock area unattended for extended periods of time. Others may need access, and your vehicle could be ticketed and even towed. 

Maintain building security: Do not leave the overhead door open with the compactor room unattended. Doing so invites unauthorized access to the building.  

Proper freight elevator use:  Our freight elevator is a classic warehouse freight elevator that was installed when the building was built in the 1920's. It DOES NOT function like a normal elevator. As previously noted, our How to Operate ISL’s Freight Elevator document will be provided; you should have this document with you during your move-in and follow these instructions carefully. The document provides detailed instructions, but key points must be emphasized here:

  • As owner, you are responsible for proper use of the elevator. If you have not been trained, do not use it. (This is one of the primary objectives of our requirement that you receive our formal "building orientation" before you move in.)
  • You are responsible for thoroughly and properly training your moving company personnel and/or anyone else helping you
  • As the responsible party, if a service call is required and/or if damage results from you or your party's improper use, associated costs will be assessed.
  • It is not a toy. Children are not allowed to operate this elevator.
  • The load weight limit is 4000 pounds.
  • When not actually using the elevator, close the doors properly so others who may want to use it can "call" for it.

Be a good neighbor: Manage and minimize the impact of your move on the building and its owners/residents:  

  • Protect the common areas from damage.
  • Limit noise.
  • Leave the common areas the way you found them.
  • Return carts to the elevator


Properly dispose of packing materials:

  • Flatten cardboard and place it in the cardboard (only) recycling container on the east side of the building next to the loading dock.
  • Flatten or compact newspaper and place it in the recycling containers in the freight elevator vestibule on each floor.
  • Moderate amounts of non-recyclable materials can be placed in the compactor on the first floor in the compactor room. (It can be placed down the garbage chute, in bags, if the bags fit the opening. Loose materials must not be placed down these chutes.) Local packing stores accept some clean reusable packing materials like Styrofoam peanuts.

Move Out

Reserve the freight elevator at least 3 working days in advance with ISL's on-site management. Elevator reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Adhere to the same rules that apply to move ins.

If the resident complies to ISL's rules during the move out, one half of the original move-in fee will be refunded upon presentation of the original move-in receipt.