Safety for ISL residents is a priority, and many of the building policies and rules are intended to enhance our collective safety. However, there is no substitute for individual responsibility and vigilance. If we routinely follow a few basic procedures, we can minimize the opportunity for unauthorized entry.

Exercise the same care at the building entrances as you do at your personal door.

Don't prop locked doors open.

When using the loading dock, make sure the overhead door and the interior doors are securely closed.

Be aware of your surroundings; particular attention should be given to individuals loitering in the garage, in stairwells, or out-of-the-way hall areas. If possible, ask if they need assistance or require help. If concerned, simply depart and call management or the police depending on the level of perceived risk. 

Advise management if you are a victim a crime in or around the building.  

Keys, Fobs, and Garage Door Openers: Common area "square" keys, electronic access control "fobs", and garage door openers are available from the ISL on-site management for the following fees:

  • Common area Key:  $10
  • Electronic Fob:  $15
  • Garage Door Opener:  $35

Only unit owners will be issued these keys and devices since, in the case of their staff and/or tenants, the owner is ultimately responsible for keys assigned to the unit involved.

LOCKED OUT?  ISL management does not have a master key for individual personal units and, therefore, cannot help in the event a resident gets locked out.