Unit No:    _______________            

o      Owner

o      Tenant

Names of those attending:




Guide:     ___________________________

  Date:    ___________________________

  Time:    ___________________________


Check on Documents or Instructions Previously Received 

o      Bylaws (owners)?

o      Guidelines, Rules and Regulations?

Main Entrance and Lobby

o      Keys and Security

o      Remote Opening and TV Viewing (Ch 11)

o      Mail Boxes and Shelf

o      Package Room

o      Main Office

o      CMI's (Community Management Inc.) Role & Responsibility

o      Passenger Elevator

Storage Units

o      Do they have one?

o      Access & Security

Compactor Room

o      Access & Security

o      Compactor Use

o      Trash & Recycling

o      Not a "Dumping Ground"

Freight Elevator

o      History

o      Weight limits

o      Schedule

o      Safety & Security

o      Floor Button Principle

o      Access Doors

o      Carts

o      Secure When Finished

o      Provide Copy of Printed Guide

Owner's Floor

o      Freight Elevator Vestibule

o      Recycling & Cardboard

o      Garbage Chute -- Provide printed copy of rules

o      Fire Systems and Emergency Exits

Owner's Unit

o      Fire Alarm in Unit Not Connected

o      Keying & Lockout Procedures

o      Heat in the Unit

o      Pets—No dogs over 15 pounds

o      Construction in Units

o      Insurance

o      Need Washer/Dryer Instructions?

o      Call for Questions about unit?


o      Deck Use

o      Barbeque

o      Plants

o      Penthouse and Penthouse Deck

o      Stay off roof surfaces

o      Access & Security

Garage Entrance and Garage

o      Garage Doors

o      Safety & security

Property Management

o      CMI is located at 2105 SE 9th (ISL’s Office 111 is part time)

o      Telephone No 503-233-0300

o      Maintenance responsibilities—and limits

Questions or Problems - Contacts

o      Property Manager—Brad Achley

o      Board Members

o      Board Meeting Schedule—last Tuesday of the month, generally


Comments or requests:


Signature:   ________________________________   Date:  ______________